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California Public Records Attorney

CPRA litigation, trainings, and more



If an agency is withholding public records–for example, by claiming an exemption, alleging your request is unduly burdensome, or conditioning the release of records on a high fee–a lawsuit may be your best option. Cisneros focuses on litigation under the California Public Records Act and, because a losing public agency must pay attorney fees, is able to represent some clients on a contingency basis for no out-of-pocket cost.


The California Public Records Act is a powerful tool for individuals and organizations who seek to hold government accountable and influence public policy. Cisneros is an experienced presenter who is available to conduct trainings for activists, students, non-profits, labor unions, and other groups who want to learn more about how to integrate CPRA requests into their work and advocacy. 

Attorney Consultation

Attorneys in practices ranging from personal injury, to labor and employment, to CEQA, can utilize CPRA requests to augment discovery and better represent their clients. Whether you need expertise in reviewing agency responses, are interested in incorporating CPRA requests into a discovery plan, or have other CPRA-related needs, Cisneros is available to help attorneys use the CPRA to obtain the best outcome for their clients.